Board Assessment, Team Building & Culture Creation

Supporting you to develop a cohesive
and effective leadership team

The sum is greater than the parts. Successful businesses are led by cohesive management teams, with complementary skills and shared objectives. To create a truly effective team, you must first understand how it operates.

What does a successful leadership team look like?

A leadership team is high-performing when its members have:

Complementary styles and strengths.
The self-awareness to understand how to develop and play to those strengths for the good of the team.

Through the use of board assessments and specific team tools, businesses can identify gaps and how to address them to improve team effectiveness.

Caroline…is easy to partner with, brings a high level of skill and expertise and has a positive outlook. She meets stretching deadlines, whilst maintaining a high level of quality in her work. Perhaps her greatest attribute is her ability to work across different audiences and client teams, reflected in both her cross sector experience and the level of credibility she has with the most senior of stakeholders.



Our Approach

To get the best out of a team, we need to understand:

Any issues.
Where individuals work well together and where they don’t.
Where they are struggling to develop a culture that employees can commit to.
Where they either lack strength/over-rely on strength in a specific area.

We work with each team member to help them understand:

Their own and others’ drivers and motivations, allowing individuals to appreciate why colleagues think or act differently to them.
Their level of emotional intelligence and how this can strengthen or limit their impact with colleagues.

In a team context, we also use tools such as 360° feedback to help with:

Raising self-awareness
Preparing the right people for the right roles.
Identifying the training and support that individuals need to excel.

Other Services

Due Diligence

Build the best possible leadership team to see you through each stage of the deal cycle.

Assessment for

Recruit and retain the right hire, with the capability and aspiration to deliver.

Talent Development and Succession Planning

Assessment for development supports employees to reach their full potential. It identifies those who have the aptitude to succeed in increasingly complex environments and establishes gaps that need to be filled for succession planning.

Nana designed and delivered a robust and engaging leadership programme focussing on the improvement of both individual and team effectiveness for our Senior Leadership Team. She is intuitive.., supportive as well as direct with participants and is not afraid to ask the difficult questions to really drive individuals to understand their own motivations, capabilities and effectiveness. Giving them the responsibility to take control of their interactions within the business to achieve organisational goals, Nana has been instrumental in the development of a strong team with a rounded capability. I would certainly recommend her for similar programmes in other organisations’