Talent Development and Succession Planning

Increasing employee commitment, tenure and engagement

When your employees feel that you value them and invest in them, they commit to you in return. Assessment for development supports employees to reach their full potential by leveraging their strengths and addressing their development needs. On an organisational level, it identifies gaps that need to be filled and assists with succession planning.

Future-proofing Talent Development

Technological advances mean that many of the roles that are key to the future success of your business do not yet exist. Your best talent is likely to need to have quick mastery of new skills and the ability to adapt and flex leadership approaches to suit new situations.

Intellectual horsepower has a strong correlation with the likelihood of achieving potential. But, in the future world of work, it is the softer skills that will likely differentiate high-flyers.

Three years ago, the Foundation commenced a huge cultural change initiative of which Caroline has played, and continues to play, a huge part in positively influencing our people strategy and overarching levels of engagement.
Caroline undertook initial studies across key staff groups… and provided us with an incredibly comprehensive… set of reports that have helped to guide our strategic direction for hiring, leading and growing our talented staff.
Caroline manages her relationship with… absolute integrity, honesty and diligence and is very much a trusted advisor.



Our Approach

When looking to develop individuals and to identify potential, we use 360° feedback alongside methods similar to those used in selection. The process is supplemented by a thorough, detailed feedback session with the results fed into individual development plans.

The Benefits of 360° Feedback

360° feedback helps to identify strengths and limitations and to construct development plans by linking individual performance to business objectives. This tool elicits candid, developmental input from peers, team, line managers, suppliers and other key stakeholders they interact with on a regular basis. The feedback session encourages individuals to engage in the process, helping them to highlight key themes, to think about leveraging strengths and addressing development needs. It can be supplemented with coaching and other interventions further down the track.

Other Services

Due Diligence

Build the best possible leadership team to see you through each stage of the deal cycle.

Assessment for

Recruit and retain the right hire, with the capability and aspiration to deliver.

Board Assessment, Team Building & Culture-Creation

Understanding how your board and exec team operates is the first step to building a cohesive and high-performing leadership team

Caroline possesses a rare combination of professional expertise, personal authenticity and working flexibility. We have enjoyed partnering with her to develop deep insights into our clients and their motivations, drivers, strengths and weaknesses, and to exchange ideas on development planning. Caroline is always open to using her skills in whatever way/combination best suits her individual client’s circumstances, she is fast, responsive, and it’s a pleasure to collaborate with her.